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ASTM A888 Pipe and Fittings

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Buyers can contact us to purchase the widest range of ASTM A888 Pipe and Fittings comprising 1-4 Bend With Heel Opening, 1-8 Bends, A888 Pipes, Female Branch Tee and many other fittings. Backed by a team of experts, we produce Cast Iron Pipe & Fittings as per ASTM A888 standards. We can make available regular size as well as customized ASTM A888 Pipe and Fittings.

Note : We also produce Pipe and Fittings as per CISPI301, ASTM B70 standards.

Why Buy ASTM A888 Pipe and Fittings From Us ?
  • The pipes are produced by centrifugal casting line, and fitting with sand casting or machine molding process.
  • They are the best choice to be used in drainpipe.
  • Our Pipes & Fittings characterize flat and straight design, even pipe thickness, high strength and density, high smoothness on the inner and outer surface of the wall, easy installation, easy maintenance, long life, eco-friendliness, fireproofing and no noise
  • We use the finest quality paints for coating; we usually coat the pipes and fittings with black color with antirust paint. We can also do epoxy painting, or epoxy powder coating or others according to your demands.

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